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Can You Become Financially Free by Investing in Property?

In the traditional sense of the word, being financially free means your assets, the investments you’ve made – businesses, real estate, royalties, whatever else you’ve invested in, the income from those is enough to provide you sustenance, or allow you to live on a month to month basis so you don’t have to dip into your pocket to pay for your bills. That’s financial freedom. So, can you become Financially Free by investing in property?

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The I:E Ratio – The Most Important Number in Property Investing

If you tell me the I:E ratio on your deal, I can tell you how risky it is. The I:E ratio is nothing but representation of the income versus the expenses on a monthly basis on a property. It tells me how likely you are to get into trouble if the property market turns. Let’s say that my income on a property is $1000 a month, my expenses are $900 a month. If you look at the I:E ratio it’s going to be 1000/9 or if we divide those 2 numbers, it becomes 1.11111… reoccurring. What the I:E ratio tells

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