Within a Matter of Days We Were Able to Immediately Start Applying What We Learned.

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This seminar was quite literally one of the most important learning experiences we’ve had to date.

The knowledge we gained with Sunil’s Course has the potential to earn us quite literally a fortune.

We now have a newfound freedom from any limitations we had previously placed upon building a real estate portfolio and within a matter of days we were able to immediately start applying what we learned.

Sunil is a gifted speaker and educator and delivers awesome and enlightening expertise throughout this extremely powerful investing course.

You literally cannot afford to allow this info to pass you by!

Chris & Julie Chojnowski

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Logical, Systematic, Well-thought out

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The Sunil “system” is as thorough as only a computer programmer could have done … logical, systematic, well-thought-out, taking all parameters into account.

He is a gifted speaker, asks leading questions instead of giving the answers straight away and inspires delegates to jump into action.

I can’t wait to implement the many things I’ve learnt over the two days!

Best regards

Christel Cattin

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Simple and Very Effective!

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I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to attend your 2-day workshop last week.

The system that you demonstrated has been an invaluable already – simple and very effective!

The 2 days were very enjoyable. The workshop was informative and fun, and the whole experience helped me think of investment and my personal development in a very positive way. I can’t wait to let you know when I have successfully bought my first real estate through your system!!

Good Luck with future forums.


Claire Burton

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Have You Ever Thought About Getting into Real Estate?

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Would you like to know why real estate is the best investment?

Then you would really want to check the “Systematic Property workshop”

Sunil is passionate about what he does and has a great sense of humour, the workshop is a creative mixture of work and fun!


Ghassan Mustafa

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I Now Know That I Can Go for It Without Being Afraid.

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What a mind-blowing course, it was fantastic, I had a fabulous time, learned loads, I feel more confident. I have been out today to Guildford and Birmingham and found a real estate deal! Hoping to move on it and exchange contracts by the end of June.

Thanks Sunil, you have really opened my eyes to what is out there on offer and I now know that I can go for it without being afraid.

I look forward to meeting up with you again soon.

Peace and Blessings

(PS. I don”t want to go back to work tomorrow!!)


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My Life Will Never Be the Same Again….

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Thank you for a great weekend.

I woke up from a deep sleep in the middle of the night in panic.. with the thought “My life will never be the same again…. whether I apply the knowledge I got from Sunil this weekend or not !!” Because if I don’t I will walk around with a heavy millstone weighing me down made worse by inaction….and failed responsibility! In the same way, a scientist would feel if he had discovered the cure for aids…..and didn’t do anything with it !! Sound dramatic… maybe…..! I feel responsible for utilising the knowledge gained to achieve my now very reachable goal of financial freedom!! Why the panic….Because I now feel we have no choice but to go ahead and build a substantial property portfolio.

When friends and family asked me what I thought of the weekend… my response was that it is worth all that we paid and more for the course! I don’t expect it to be easy….. there is work to be done and .. but with the support system that you have put in place, it will be much easier… So once again thank you very much for putting all this together….and thank you to Robert for enabling me to make the giant leap from ” No way … I can’t negotiate.. Satinder can do that part of it” to “I can do this !”…

Thank you!

Sunita Koshal

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Truly Inspirational 2 Days!!!!!!!!

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Truly Inspirational 2 days!!!!!!!!

Sunil has the ability to inspire people. He has so much knowledge gained through experience that he is able to offer not only practical advice but a tried and tested step by step process by which to succeed.

This course will test your boundaries as to what you believe is possible and what really is possible. Sunil is living proof of this.

I found it a fascinating course. An unforgettable experience. I would recommend anyone looking at investing in real estate to attend any of his seminars.

Thanks, Sunil for the opportunity you have given me.


Deborah Halliwell

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I’m Glad I Followed My Internal Instincts to Go on the Weekend!

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It was a pleasure meeting you the other day – and Thank you for delivering a fantastic and enjoyable course.

I would recommend your course to all of my friends and colleagues. Delegates who have attended will most probably agree that you give a different perspective into purchasing real estate. Especially the various systems and negotiating techniques used to purchase, I personally think they are invaluable for anyone thinking about starting a real estate portfolio and will set anyone off in the right direction, providing they go away and put into practice what they have learned.

I’m glad I followed my internal instincts to go on the weekend!

People may find the basics of this information in various books, however, they will not find a better-structured delivery of this information in one place with a proven real estate guru!

Best Regards

Hanif Saddiq

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Thanks Sunil – Here’s to My First Million!!

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I’ve always felt that investing in real estate was something best done by people with a financial or investment background – which I don’t have.

Now though, I have the confidence to go for my first deal! I have the knowledge I need to get started, the numbers and the terminology make sense, and I have a much clearer view of the pitfalls and prospects.

It’s realistic for me – right now – to start building my property portfolio, with next to no money down.

Thanks, Sunil – here’s to my first million!!

Angela Sherman

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I Fully Appreciate the Way You Had Broken Down the Road to Financial Freedom into Easy Steps.

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I had a great time during the workshop as well.

I fully appreciate the way you had broken down the Road to Financial freedom into easy steps. The onus is now on us to Create a Game Plan and take action.

The wonderful thing I noticed is the Delegate section in your website. This gives me immense confidence. It is like someone holding a child’s hand when it is learning to walk. I observed that you get immediate support from the Delegate community and yourself almost instantly. The way I am planning to add a feather to your cap is by living by what I learnt in your workshop and achieving a $1,500,000 portfolio within the next 12 months.

Well, I don’t want to sign off by saying Good luck to you, Bye and things like that. It is more of a beginning of a wonderful relationship with a Community you had developed. We’ll stay in touch and help each other grow mutually.


Suresh Nandagopal

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I’ve Managed to Purchase 5 Properties Within 6 Months, That’s a Portfolio of over $1,500,000

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I was amazed by the wealth of information provided and the knowledge that you gave, it’s priceless.

My future has totally changed thanks to your workshop, and with the skills I learnt I’ve managed to purchase 5 properties within 6 months, that’s a portfolio of over $1,500,000 … I’m not stopping there, I’m going out tomorrow to buy more because with your course it’s become so easy.

Sunil, You’ve changed my family’s life for real. I couldn’t have done this without your workshop. So – if I can do it, others can as well … This course is a must for all!

Tariq Siddique

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I Now Feel Brave Enough to Take the First Steps.

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I had been thinking about real estate development for the past two years and frozen at the point of “where do I start?”

I now feel brave enough to take the first steps. I have the tools and the knowledge that it CAN and HAS been done successfully. The information made me realize the true possibilities and potential though you were always realistic that this depended on individual effort.

I feel you facilitated and structured the course very effectively. There was a vast amount of information to impart and we had to work hard. (No pain no gain, groan groan) However, this was done in such a way to benefit all the participants, regardless of experience. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and loved the combination of hard work and fun. This is due, to a great extent, on your warm and open personality.

I came away excited and feeling that “I CAN DO IT”!! Knowing that groups could continue to meet for support also helped the feeling of confidence.

Many thanks.

Look forward to seeing you soon!


(Marie Jo now has a >$1,200,000 property portfolio)

Marie Jo

This testimonial is about the

I Genuinely Find It Very Difficult to Find the Words to Explain How Excited I Am Right Now

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Wow! What can I say? Very simply your workshop is going to change my life.

Prior to the workshop I only dreamt of becoming financially free. Is it REALLY possible? I now know it’s not only possible, it’s possible in an incredibly short time.

My girlfriend and I were so fired up after the workshop that by only 8.00 pm on the last day of the workshop we were pursuing a house and putting into practice some of the things we’d learnt. It was a fabulous feeling!

I genuinely find it very difficult to find the words to explain how excited I am right now about our future following the workshop.

All I can say really is thank you!


It was great to see Steve at one of the UK bashes announce that he had quit his job in July 2005… what an achievement!


This testimonial is about the

In Two Months My Investment in the Workshop Would Have Paid off – What a Deal

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It’s been two weeks since the Systematic Property course and I’m still BUZZING!

Thanks to you my ideas about buying property have been revolutionized. I haven’t stopped researching and stacking – I even do it in my sleep!!

Already I have two fantastic deals set up for LOW MONEY and once finalized, will produce more than $1,000 in passive income. In two months my investment in the workshop would have paid off – what a deal.

All this just from an informative, fun, friendly, relaxed, revealing, sensational and thoroughly enjoyable course!

Thanks a million, Sunil – you are THE REAL ESTATE GURU.

All the best!

Vincent Vip

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My Biggest Problem Now is I Can Not Concentrate on My Existing Business.

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The course was fantastic, my biggest problem now is I can not concentrate on my existing business. I have started to act the 30-day plan and I am finding it much easier than expected.

I have absolutely no doubt that I will have my first property in the next 8 to 12 weeks. It is incredible how easily the price of a property can be reduced using the methods you taught us, today I was offered the equivalent of $40,000 off the price of a new property and that was without trying. Not only that the salesperson said that she loves to meet customers like me it makes her work so much easier.

“The longest Workshop ever” I’m not quite sure why that was but probably because none of the delegates wanted to go home and was greedy for more information.

I have always been a calculated risk taker but at 59 I can not afford to make a major mistake, in this case, although there is always an element of risk I am totally confident that this system will work and give me the retirement I have always dreamed of.

In my business as a Gas Engineer, I visit several rented properties a day and visit 5 or 6 letting agents a day, to date I have never seen any Landlord or Agent using a system anything like this or getting an income that comes even close to that generated by your methods.

Watch this space my first property is just weeks away.

Sunil I don’t even know how I stumbled on your website but thank goodness I did. I have had the entire way I think reversed and turned upside down in just one long weekend, it’s hard to believe that is possible. This course has been a life-changing experience for me.

Thanks Again see you at a Bash

Best Regards

John Russell

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You Provided Us All with an Awful Lot of Information on How to Become Rich for Free!

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It was a fantastic weekend, long and tiring but well worth it.

You provided us all with an awful lot of information on how to become rich for Free!

What you had to say made everyone think, not only how simple to principle is but how the processes will keep money coming in forever!

Many thanks

Oliver Baker

This testimonial is about the

It Dispelled Various Mental Blocks Regarding Real Estate Investments.

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Just a short note to congratulate you on the excellent course:

a) It dispelled various mental blocks regarding real estate investments.

b) Raised the level of confidence and keenness to succeed in this line.

c) Provided a very practical down to earth methodology for success.

The follow on from the course was even more surprising – the delegate website is excellent. The forum should answer many questions and guide the real estate investor. Needless to report that during the last few days have been actively seeking target properties.

Thank you for looking after us during the course and entertaining us to Cash Flow. Best weekend break for us.


Harish Hindocha

This testimonial is about the

Thanks for a Very Informative, Enlightening, Educational and Most of All, FUN Course.

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Thanks for a very informative, enlightening, educational and most of all, FUN course.

Although I am a virtual a novice at real estate investing, I feel that my new found knowledge will pay dividends when buying investment real estate or even when buying my own house in the future.

I had a very restless nights sleep on Sunday, with figures, ideas and dreams spinning around in my head!

I will be in touch through the forums (I have already) and hope to grow my business over the next 12 months until I reach financial freedom and get out of the “Rat Race”. See you there…..

Thanks again

Ed Neal

This testimonial is about the

I Wish the Course Had Lasted Another Day

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The thanks should most definitely go to you, not to us mere delegates Sunil.

It’s right you have Sun in your name, there’s a song let the sun come into your life….. and you remind me of a ray of sunshine.

You certainly brightened up 2 January days for me, what a weekend!

I wouldn’t have rather been anywhere else.

Enough praise, no not really

I’ll heap more on you when I get onto the website delegate section but at the moment I’m busy reading everything you gave us and you gave us a lot BUT now you know me you realise (like you) I always ask for more. Hope you give us an Encore in the future.

I wish the course had lasted another day– don’t take that the wrong way, it’s just I could talk about property forever. I really do know what to do now and I shall continue to do it for a long while to come.

Just like the “learning the guitar” student who should really say “I play the guitar”, “I am a real estate investor”. I’m no longer just learning to be one…. although when I have my first 1 Million portfolios I might be tempted to say I play at it

Couldn’t resist.


Rosemarie Hancox

This testimonial is about the

I Can Honestly Say That I Feel Fully Educated, Empowered, and Inspired to Build a Real Estate Portfolio

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Just wanted to write to thank you for a great weekend. I can honestly say that I feel fully educated, empowered, and inspired to build a real estate portfolio that will provide excellent passive income and capital growth for me today, and a great legacy to pass on to my 3 1/2-year-old son Jack.

The workshop is very well organised, building from basic blocks into more complicated and sophisticated concepts in a way that makes sense. The best testimony I can give is that I was able to explain back most of what I learned to my wife (per the promise!) and she understood and is inspired as well.

Coming away from the course with that kind of comprehension and self-confidence is exactly what I was looking for. There is nothing we discussed during the workshop that I would feel anxious about being able to execute in real life.

Your personal credibility (been there, done that, still doing it) and the credibility of your team, were the main things that created such a solid impression… that and the fact that you gave us nothing as “theory”, but everything as “work”. Beautiful.

Probably the most valuable part of the weekend for me was the chance to meet so many smart, funny, and interesting people. The group was lively and I learned something of value from each individual that was there.

One of my main objectives recently has been to build my own team as you have built yours, and the referrals that I have already received have been worth many times the cost of the course. We have begun the process of building a short/medium/long term plan that I feel sure will provide a great framework for future success.

Hope to meet you again personally in the near future…maybe I’ll start a Delegate Band and we’ll have you play the solos on all the Deep Purple tunes.

Many thanks!

Sean Williams

This testimonial is about the

I Think Just the Negotiating Bit Was Worth the Money We Paid.

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I can only say WOW!

God bless you for sharing all this knowledge with other people.

The course was very well structured and very inspiring.

I have to say I was at first disappointed when you said what the ‘rental secret’ was because I was already following this idea, but only in the afternoon, when we started stacking deals I was over my head of excitement. I couldn’t sleep Saturday night. Stacking deals and analysing.

Next day – negotiating – veeeeery helpful indeed. I think just the negotiating bit was worth the money we paid. And the bit at the end of the second day, about the company structure, was really mind blowing and mind opening. It really made me realise the world I live in and certainly the world I don’t live in (yet). But at least I know it is out there and I would have to only reach for it and grab it.

People, please go to the seminar or call me beforehand to convince you. You will never regret it.

Thank you very much Sunil and team.


This testimonial is about the

Most Important of All is the Inspiration and Motivation It Has Given Me

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I have known you personally for the past 3 years and Ed and I have valued your friendship – and long may it continue! Ed and I are both very grateful to you for allowing us to come on your course.

I thought your sharing of your expertise in the real estate market, obvious enjoyment of what you do, and patience in explaining to us were very valuable. It was a very relaxed atmosphere conducive to learning in an unthreatening environment. I also valued all the contributions from the other delegates and enjoyed getting to know them.

The course taught me a lot of new things and also reinforced the principles I already knew. But most important of all is the inspiration and motivation it has given me. And the most inspiration has to come from you as I have seen you start up from scratch and Ed and I both really respect how well you have done in a short space of time.

So I intend to bug you with questions and use you as my motivation in getting our first property. As you know if I can’t get our properties to work I have to go back to work – so what more motivation can that be?

I also found the negotiation session very very valuable.

Although I feel I am ok at negotiation, I have always wanted to be better – and now I believe with the right ATTITUDE I can do it!

I now intend to get the results.

Thanks again and kind regards

Liesl Hansen

This testimonial is about the

I Can Not Believe the Quantity and Quality of Knowledge I Have Learnt!

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I had already attended a couple of courses from some of the larger Property Seminar companies and I was finding it difficult to see how I could achieve financial independence with their investment strategies. So when I attended your free workshop I immediately knew that your specialised strategies would give me the freedom which I so badly want.

Having just completed your workshop I can not believe the quantity and quality of knowledge I have learnt! I thought I was clued up on a property and is a management consultant I thought I understood company structuring. But your remarkable strategies just left me gobsmacked. In addition, your insightful and practical exercises on negotiation have had a significant effect on my mind and will no doubt lead me to make many minus money deals :0))))

I am now deadly serious about leaving the corporate world within the next 6-12 months and obtaining my beloved financial independence which I so long for and the opportunity to build a business empire which I could not have dreamt of building even in my wildest dreams!

Many thanks for your help and God bless!’

Param Singh

This testimonial is about the

In Two Days, All of Us Were Given an Opportunity of a Lifetime.

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It was an absolutely brilliant course. My partner David wishes he had come too!

I was excited about coming on the course and it surpassed my expectations. The huge amount of information was presented well and what a fantastic idea to make money and get financial freedom. Anyone can do it!

It was great to meet people from all over the country with different backgrounds and perspectives. We all made friends on the course and I am sure that there will be enduring.

I have already invested in real estate and this course has given me plenty to think about. I believe that the course will help us get nearer to our goals a lot faster.

Who could wish for more than that?

I think the course is great value for money not just for real estate but for giving impetus to new ideas. The methods of protecting other income and assets from the tax were also very interesting and will be useful for all businesses and ventures.

You and your team of people give weight to the fact that you are an organisation that cares about your delegates and want everyone to succeed.

I want to thank you for putting in a huge effort into sharing your ideas and methods to create a great experience for us all.

In two days, all of us were given an opportunity of a lifetime.

I could have chosen a place on a number of courses, but I am glad I chose yours.

So I am going to see my first big house today.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Diane Haversham

This testimonial is about the

Well What Can I Say but It’s Been a Mind Blowing Weekend.

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Well, what can I say but it’s been a mind-blowing weekend.

Me and my wife must have been the most skeptical people before I came on to your course. But that’s all changed as you have shown us the “Way”.

I took a risk and came on the course knowing that I had no other money but the fees for the course. We are glad that I came on the course. I’ve gained very powerful information. It’s just a matter of time now to build our real estate portfolio.

Thank you, Sunil. You’ve been a great help.


Khalid Khokhar

This testimonial is about the

Like I Say WOW What More Can You Ask for

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Wow, what a weekend.

It’s not every day you can say that someone has just given you a torch to show you the way. This weekend has shown me and all the other delegates how living in the rat race can be a thing of the past. A few simple tools, a massive amount of support and encouragement.

Like I say WOW what more can you ask for, thanks for sharing your knowledge and making it possible and not just a pipe dream.

All the Best


This testimonial is about the

I Was Looking for an Intelligent and Tax Efficient Way to Buy and Rent out Real Estate

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I had an inspiring seminar. I was looking for an intelligent and tax-efficient way to buy and rent out real estate and that’s what I got from your seminar.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Zaheer Ahmed

This testimonial is about the

This Morning when I Woke Up, I Said Wow!

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I am beginning to understand the message of Rich Dad Poor Dad. I would not have understood this book without the workshop.

It is a totally new direction of thinking & perception.

The workshop was intensive & there was not much thinking time. But this morning when I woke up, I said wow!

The workshop taught us how to build a portfolio with zero investment & enjoy life with no tax problem & keep all the appreciation yourself tax-free. I also realised what ‘coming out of rat race means’ – i.e. let somebody pay for your property! Amazing.

I certainly hope I can have something to show within a month!

Kiran Shah

This testimonial is about the

“Hand on Heart” It Was Well Worth the Money, I Learnt an Awful Lot.

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Thanks for a great course.

Of course, I was sceptical at the beginning, but I can honestly say “hand on heart” it was well worth the money, I learnt an awful lot.

I thought you were a great guy and conducted a very professional, but at same time fun, weekend.

I will definitely be using what you taught me and recommending you to one or two like-minded colleagues.

John Stack

This testimonial is about the

I Left Feeling Immensely Empowered and Made New like Minded Friends.

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I was not in the office yesterday hence no reply. I was looking at new developments and have placed two offers already!

One important key to success is self-confidence is preparation. The Course by Sunil and his team has provided the preparation for me to be successful in building a secure future for myself and everyone in my family.

The knowledge imparted by Sunil during a very exciting course was phenomenal, the style was very relaxed and friendly and there was full participation by everyone attending. I left feeling immensely empowered and made new like-minded friends.

Thank you, Sunil for an educational, stimulating, fun-filled and the best working weekend of my life!

Warm regards,

Syed Irfan

This testimonial is about the

Thanks for Giving Me the System in Such a Logical Way

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I most certainly am still alive! Rich and I are soooo excited now. For me when you helped me get that deal right, where I had to give the vendor a separate cheque, well that was a defining moment!

Thanks Sunil for an excellent and inspiring weekend. I have already started my research and will be making my first calls this afternoon. Thanks for giving me the system in such a logical way, making my job of generating passive income much clearer and easier!

I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

All the Best

Sarah Dashfield

This testimonial is about the

In All My Career I Have Never Been on a Course Which Has Left Me Feeling So Positive.

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A really big THANK YOU.

In all my career I have never been on a course which has left me feeling so positive.

You are quite simply the ‘wealth creation god’.

Your presentation style was excellent, not only was it very informative but you made it fun at the same time.

Thanks again and see you on the forum!

Melvyn Landsman

This testimonial is about the

Just About Caught Up on My Sleep Now Though It Has Been Difficult As My Mind is Buzzing.

Read Testimonial

Just about caught up on my sleep now though it has been difficult as my mind is buzzing.

I have already negotiated (just for fun) on a property and am busy stacking as I mail this.

Looking forward to getting back to you with positive news.

I am going to chase that commercial property in Norwich tomorrow as they haven’t called back.

Jeremy Gilks

This testimonial is about the

I Can Vouch 110% That No One Should Worry About the Initial Outlay for This Course.

Read Testimonial

Just completed the course last Sunday. I can vouch for 110% that no one should worry about the initial outlay for this course. You will make your money back … unlike many on property courses available, this is the real deal!

A day after the course I did a test negotiation with a builder for a property worth $600,000, I used the skills gained from the course and in the space of 2 minutes the cost of the property dropped by $60,000 and I was offered free kitchen appliances with the property and the opportunity to discuss the negotiation further.

There is a support system outside of the course which means you are not alone and can always get help.

Don’t be in any doubt. It will be the best money you have ever spent.

Jacqueline George

This testimonial is about the

Just when You Think It’s All over You Hit Us with the Bigger Picture and That Really Blew My Mind.

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Seriously though, I had such a great time on the weekend learning an amazing system with a great bunch of extremely motivated people.

A lot of stamina is definitely a requirement to get to the finish, but what a finish, just when you think it’s all over you hit us with the bigger picture and that really blew my mind.

I’m glad you enjoyed it too, I really don’t know how you can do this on a regular basis, I’m still knackered.

I have an appointment on Thursday to negotiate on a 6 boxer, it doesn’t stack but what the hell it’s just up the road.

Thanks again Sunil and keep on strummin’.

See you on the forum

Richard Michael

This testimonial is about the

It All Seems So Simple Now All I Must Do Now is Apply Myself to Be a Success and Use the Knowledge I Now Have to Its Full Potential.

Read Testimonial


I really appreciated all the help an information you gave me over the weekend to get me into property investment and to have passive income!

It all seems so simple now all I must do now is apply myself to be a success and use the knowledge I now have to its full potential.

I know I must now work hard to achieve my dream but thanks to you and the team I have the tools to do so.

Jamie Newland

This testimonial is about the

I Particularly Can’t Wait to Structure My First Deal. WOW – I Am Exploding…

Read Testimonial

Thank you so much for an awesome weekend, we did feel like we’d been there a week. From all of the workshops, I have attended I felt this to be accessible, systematic and above all do-able. Tom and I are so fired up and raring to go, he asked me yesterday to make sure he didn’t lapse….so we are making appointments this weekend to at least 5 development sites to go and negotiate and who knows we may get some awesome deals.

We are doing our research at the moment and I particularly can’t wait to structure my first deal. WOW – I am exploding with excitement, I repeat to myself in the car each morning as I drive to work……” this time next year, I will have the financial freedom to choose!!!” – I, of course, include the big grin and anchor the wonderful feeling this gives me. You kept saying on the weekend that you don’t do the motivating like AT, rubbish! you are truly inspiring !!!!! and all the delegates were also fantastic, I believe we have found a home of like-minded people at last. Shirley Aboody


Thank you from the both of us…and particularly from me, not only do I know how to get out of the rat race – but I also confirmed what I knew, in that Tom is the right person for me to do it with šŸ™‚

Keep your eyes peeled for an invite on our privet jet šŸ˜‰

Oh, by the way, I meant what I said about doing some training with your team, I’d love to get involved as I love training and am awesome at it šŸ™‚ Let me know if that would be possible.

You can include any of this as a testimonial.

Light, Love and Respect

Shirley Aboody

This testimonial is about the

I Did Learn More in Two Days About Making Money from Property Than I Have During the Last Four Years

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I can visualize seeing your glossy brochure which promised that we would be able to visit the lovely countryside of Milton Keynes – all I can remember is that I hardly slept for 2 days, never had chance to enjoy the hotel pool, but I did learn more in two days about making money from property than I have during the last four years!

I look forward to seeing you at The Bash this coming Saturday

Kind regards and many thanks for all your kind support which is much appreciated

Chris Bean

This testimonial is about the

I Can Go out There and Make Deals Structured to Suit My Requirements

Read Testimonial

Thanks for an enjoyable weekend!

The workshop has given me the certainty that I can go out there and make deals structured to suit my requirements putting me in control. I now understand how to do this and how important it is…powerful stuff!

Once again Sunil, thanks for the weekend and I look forward to the seeing you at the July bash.

Tony Gargaro

This testimonial is about the

Your Course is Superbly Structured

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Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your property investment secrets with us last weekend.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable(if exhausting!!!) experience.

Your course is superbly structured in a way that can leave no-one in any doubt as to the correct system to follow in order to attain extraordinary returns.

It has also been a pleasure to gain access to the delegates website which further encourages and confirms the feeling of being part of a warm and caring community of like-minded individuals, who are not only seeking their own financial freedom but are willing to give of themselves and of their time in ways that ensure the success of others.

Steve Price

This testimonial is about the

The Practical Exercises Really Enforced What You Learn

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I would like to say that I had a fab time on the property mentor workshop last weekend.

I came out of it really powered up. In fact, on the way home, both I and my wife were negotiating with each in relation to how much I should put money in stocks investment – another area I’m into now.

We managed to come to an agreement where she was happy (I have to get 80% ROI) and I was happy (I get more than what I wanted to invest in the first place)!!!!!!

Getting back to the workshop, I felt I have learnt a hell of a lot.

I would consider myself a beginner (read a few books), but I do feel I know a lot more now.

Sunil, you were also very accommodating in answering questions/discussing topics which were kind-of outside the core subject, and taking your time explaining things. That was really beneficial.

The practical exercises really enforced what you learn. Your methods and ‘formula’ are simple to understand.

The negotiation sessions were absolute brill (please get them recorded and put in the forum – that way we can have a laugh!!!).

Your methods of teaching, re-iterating and re-enforcing the info was very good. I have to admit that I’m always cautious with departing with money on courses (who isn’t!!!).

But I would say it was definitely worth the dosh!!!! The environment was relaxed with a small team of 12. You learn a lot from each other. It does feel like you have been there for a week – that is how much you learn and how much you are absorbed into it. The game of life ‘Cashflow’ was fun to play with. If anyone one wants to get into the buy-2-let property, THIS IS THE COURSE.

Remember my wife, the sceptic. Before the course, she was talking about 1 property for investment purposes. On the way back from home, after the course, she was talking about 3-4 properties for investment.

I think she has seen the path to richness (but she will not admit it) !!!! Thanks to your course.

I look forward to the forums and bashes. C U next Saturday. Here’s to getting stacking and getting some properties !!!!!

Jagdish Patel

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It Will Change the Way I Look at Property Investment Forever.

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Monday morning and I’m still buzzing, not sure those around me can figure out what’s going on!

I think people are aware how good the course is but I’d like to say that although I already have a number of properties, there was still a huge amount of value in the course (negotiation also added an excellent non-property specific aspect).

It will change the way I look at Property Investment forever. Another brilliant bit was meeting like-minded people who I’ll be working in the future.

One problem, I was so keen to follow my 30 day Plan that I charged out the hotel and forgot my bag! (No harm did the hotel staff have locked it away for me to arrange pick-up later)

Looking forward to seeing you again at the next ‘Bash’

Huw Griffiths

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I Now Feel Very Well Equipped to Go out and Look at My First Property

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Thanks for such a fantastic, life-changing workshop at the weekend. I met some great people and it was FUN. Despite being long hours and hard work I came away really energised by it all. The presentation was excellent and you put across in a very clear way some very complicated ideas and techniques.

I now feel very well equipped to go out and look at my first property with the knowledge you and your team gave me, and knowing I have the support of a whole community of similar minded people behind me.

Mike Cryer

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Would Recommend It to Anyone Without Hesitation.

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I was indeed an inspirational experience. Having done the Property Mentor course, I had no reservations about the Money Mentor course and would recommend it to anyone without hesitation.

I was particularly moved by your personal experience of achieving so much in a short time frame.

You are indeed an inspiration to all who know you and the best thing of all you are prepared to share your experience and knowledge with others with an open mind.

I came with an open mind and hope to change my perception of setting and achieving goals which were enforced in the course.

I can only say thank you for your guidance and your kindness in pointing towards the direction of financial freedom. Thank you.

Ratan Lal

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Very Practical, Thorough and Enjoyable Workshop

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Thanks for the very practical, thorough and enjoyable workshop.

It has certainly given me the knowledge and know-how to go on and create my own real estate portfolio.

I really liked the way you led it and for the positive, high energy approach.

Adrian Brett

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You Gave Everyone the Confidence to Follow Your System

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Thank you for your email, and for a great weekend! I think you gave everyone the confidence to follow your system, and I certainly feel raring to go!

I’ll let you know how I get on, and no doubt we will be speaking again soon.

Kind regards,

Steve Williamson

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I’ve Always Wanted to Get into “the Property Game”

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Hello Sunil, what a FANTASTIC WORKSHOP indeed.

Thoroughly enjoyed it, what a shame it had to come to an end. Then again, as you say, we truly are property investors now so get out there and ‘do it’ !! I’ve always wanted to get into ‘the property game’ but had always held back just due to the fact of not having the knowledge, confidence and belief.

Hey, guess what? I HAVE NOW! Thanks to you, Sunil.

By just following the simple to understand system you gave us I am definitely on my way out of the rat race……..ASAP!

Already working the system and can you believe it a Property Sales Manager is calling me in the morning to ‘chat’ ?!! Hmmmm………. Fantastic!

Once again, many thanks for a greatly informative weekend, take care.

Kindest regards,

Chermk Singh

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We Can’t Wait Now to Start Generating Some Passive Income

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Thanks Sunil!

A fun, exciting and very enlightening weekend. We now have the tools, a system & a clear understanding of what it takes to be a success as a real estate investor.

We can’t wait now to start generating some passive income – and working towards to our goal of getting out of the rat race!

All the Best,

Hamish Ferrier

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The Course Was More Than Worth the Money

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It’s taken a couple of weeks for me to settle enough to drop you a line. I wanted to say thanks for a fantastic weekend on the Systematic Property course. I have to admit that the closer it got, the more apprehensive I became because I SO wanted my decision to be vindicated … it feels like an awful lot of money to spend on a weekend.

Well, I needn’t have worried, because the course was more than worth the money. My head is still reeling and I’m still at the stage of researching my markets and looking for properties that stack, but I WILL succeed at this … I know that you have put all the tools for success at my disposal.

The forum is an amazing resource … in some ways, this will be of more lasting use than the seminar itself since, as the memories fade, there is a whole community online to share thoughts with, and to keep the momentum going.

Thanks again for all the preparation that you have put into the Systematic Property system. Watch this space.

Rebecca Owen

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I Can Move to the Next Stage of My Property Investment Plan.

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Thanks for an inspiring, knowledgeable and thought-provoking 2 days.

Having already got a couple of properties, I now feel I can move to the next stage of my property investment plan. To truly get on the fast track, I know you believe (and I certainly believe) that with the help of others anything is achievable. I wish you many successes and prosperity and it’s now time for me to catch you up!!

Tim Howlett

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For Those Who Are Considering This Course, All I Can Say is That It Delivers.

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The workshop was everything I could have hoped for and more… (Chocolate pudding) ;)!

The 2 days were enjoyable and challenging, a real eye-opener.

I was sceptical at first as I am sure most reading the website will be. However you certainly do provide the tools and knowledge to become free, and after that, it’s our attitudes that determine our altitude.

I was worried that the course would simply be a talk or seminar, but the hands-on practical approach, as well as the support from the forum and community, is what really added value for me.

For those who are considering this course, all I can say is that it delivers. You will be given the knowledge without a doubt – the biggest obstacle after that will be facing your fears, learning to take risks, and understanding that there is no such thing as failure. For those who REALLY want out from the 9-5, for the rest of your life, this is it… the journey starts here!

Good luck to all that have gone before me and all those yet to explore this exciting new venture.

Sunil see you in the forums and your events šŸ˜‰

Rakesh Shinh

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Everyone Has a Whoah Moment in Their Life.

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Hi Sunil,

Everyone has a whoah moment in their life, a figurative if the not literal moment when they wake up and realise that the world isn’t quite the way they thought it was. I had so many moments like that during the workshop that three days later I’m still buzzing with excitement.

For the first time, there is a way for me to accomplish my dreams which I can actually do, and which I can do well if only I try.

You have literally rocked my world, thank you.

Steven Quinlan

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The Knowledge You Imparted to Us is Priceless and Will Serve Us All in Both the Short- and Long-term.

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I have been busy doing research, and setting up a part-time job (boo, hiss!) to provide a temporary cashflow for business and creative projects (hurray!)

Where to start – A huge thanks to you for investing so much of your time, energy and creativity into the Systematic Property weekend. We received a quite staggering amount of information, all in a friendly,Ā interactive environment…

It was wonderful to meet so many different people, all at different stages of development. In spite of being a complete novice to the property market, I was made to feel very much at home from the start, with every one of my questions were patiently answered!

In particular, it was great to meet the members of your team – their presence on the course served to reinforce the fact that your techniques are in practice every day in the ‘real world’.

It is no more than three days since we finished, and already I have begun to put the seminar into practice and am following up on my ’30-day plan’.

The knowledge you imparted to us is priceless and will serve us all in both the short- and long-term.

Best wishes to you and I look forward to staying in touch to keep you informed of the progress of all your hard work!

Charlie Nahal

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I Went Straight out to Negotiate Two Real Estate Deals and Saved $70,000.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed myself at your workshop over the weekend. I met so many nice like-minded people and learned so much about the smart way to buy property. Although I have experience buying investment properties, your workshop was truly something else and was worth every penny.

What I liked most about the workshop was its very clear and coherent structure, its detailed explanation of the whole property buying process, its practical exercises of stacking, structuring and negotiating a deal, and its 30 Day Action Plan.

I got so much fun and found a fantastic network of friends. I felt very confident, inspired and eager after the workshop because I knew that I will never need to be alone again … I can always turn to the community for advice and support in the future.

On Monday (the day after the workshop) I went straight out to negotiate two deals and saved $70,000.

A year’s income was made possible by two days training!

A thousand thanks Sunil

Lien Luu

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My Head is Hurting Now Though – My Brain Has Gone into Overdrive!

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I felt I really learnt so much – so glad I came. My head is hurting now though – my brain has gone into overdrive!

Thanks again for all your efforts this weekend, it really was something else. Really well put together and straight to the point.

Sarah McGirr

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My Head is Buzzing with Thoughts of How to Take My Future Forward.

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That was the most exciting 2 days I have had in a long time.

It was so refreshing to hear somebody encourage a group of people with such passion and knowledge.

From the beginning of your taster session last Tuesday I was convinced this was the future for me.

Now having completed the weekend my head is buzzing with thoughts of how to take my future forward.

The game “Cashflow” we all played on Saturday evening opened up a whole new meaning of negotiation and working together with others.

I have started planning the way forward to achieving my final promise, of making that “2 million” portfolio in one year.

Thank you, to you and your team for “showing me the light”.

Mike Slough

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I Have Learned and Gained So Much Valuable Information Its Unbelievable.

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I can still remember last weekend very well, it seems like it was only yesterday.

I am still buzzing and very excited. I have learned and gained so much valuable information it’s unbelievable.

I am currently following my 30-day plan, and hope to do my first deal VERY SOON;o)

Thank you so much for the weekend. You will hear from me very soon regarding my deal(s).

Matthew Cain

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If This is Work then I’m More Than Happy Working 24/7.

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I’m not sure where to start as my head is still trying to recover from information overload! Information that can only be described as mind-boggling and simply amazing. For me the course was the 2nd best thing that has ever happened in my life, the first being the meeting of my wife – sorry Sunil, but I’d like to live long enough to put into practice what you preached and my life would be in great danger if I put you and the course 1st!!

We have already been out looking at properties – travelled to Northampton and Bedford and collected house details in both areas – booked our meeting with Justin for this coming Friday – emailed all our group – registered and downloaded the relevant files all within the first 24hrs. The best thing about it all is that we are having great fun – with a capital ‘F’ – doing it. If this is work then I’m more than happy working 24/7.

Before the weekend Sara and I had decided to schedule our days due to our other business interests in order to give each interest an appropriate amount of time. Well, that has completely gone out of the window and we will be devoting most of our time to creating our property portfolio.

Our sincere thanks to you for allowing us to be part of your ever growing band of property millionaires and look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Stuart Greenwood

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My Mind Was Full of Questions…

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Thanks for a great weekend!!

I arrived at the workshop with a very sceptical mind. My mind was full of questions about how anybody could make a success in investing in properties, especially as so many people around me were getting seriously burnt by the current slump in rental markets.

Over the Systematic Property workshop, Sunil did a great job of answering my (many!) questions and helped me understand how to apply the techniques to make them work for me personally. Now, I am totally ‘hooked’ and am eager to work on my first deal.

The turning point of the course for me was meeting Sunil’s team. Hearing first hand from professionals talking about Sunil’s strategy helped to convince me that these techniques really do work in practice. The other highlight of the weekend was playing Cashflow 101 — which was both very educational, and FUN.

At present, I am spending all my free time (including some sleep time!) looking at properties, analysing them and trying to spot opportunities.

Thanks again for an eye-opening, FUN course! Truly enjoyed it.


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Over the Last 20 Years I Thought I Understood the Real Estate Market.

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Many thanks for the fantastic Systematic Property Course. After buying several houses over the last 20 years I thought I understood the real estate market – how wrong I was! It was a great course, very enjoyable and with stacks of information extremely well presented to me and my fellow participants. I have come away fully motivated, somewhat enlightened and excited about the future.

Darryll Murphy

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Everything Was Based on “real Life” Scenarios

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Had a fantastic weekend, learned loads, met loads of great people and had a lot of fun!

I think the most valuable part of the course for me was how everything was based on “real life” scenarios, as I did know a lot of the techniques prior to the course, but felt that it was only half of the package. Learning HOW to apply those techniques, using the right methods and right people was my real aim, which was achieved !!

So now, I have the knowledge and know how to apply that knowledge, all that remains is doing my first deal… watch this space!

Thanks again Sunil

Neel Gadhvi

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The Information Taught by Sunil is Worth Millions

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At first, I was a little apprehensive about shelling out a couple of grand for a seminar. Oh, how wrong could I be!

The information taught by Sunil is worth millions to anyone who’s willing to put it into practice.Ā His ideas have made me think bigger, I now feel I have control over my future.

I highly recommend Sunil’s Seminars to anyone who is serious about financial freedom.

David Berriman

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I Bought My First Property in the UAE Half Way Through the Course

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An awe-inspiring experience!

This is how I would describe my two days with Sunil!

Amazing facts which are there but you don’t see it. Sunil is a very motivating and educative speaker. When it came to real estate investing, I had no clue how deals take place and what the returns where.

The course definitely motivated me so much that I bought my first property in the UAE halfway through the course.

Now, how quickly can that be?

The course is definitely an eye-opener and I would recommend everyone to do it to understand what gains you can expect from real estate investment.

Thanks very much, Sunil for giving me the opportunity to learn the secrets of real estate investing!

Varsha Talreja

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All I Need to Do is to Take the First Step!

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First of all many thanks and heartiest congratulations for a stunning weekend. I feel that I have been given the opportunity to become financially secure … all I need to do is to take the first step!

My sincerest thanks to you for a brilliant learning experience!

Clifford Jamison

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I Feel That the Approach and Style of the System Are Unique and the Information Invaluable.

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The seminar is now a distant memory. I have spent all my spare time analyzing properties and have viewed three. I will carry on looking for the deal of a lifetime that is there every day waiting to be found.

I feel that the approach and style of the System are unique and the information invaluable. How many seminars manage to include a curry and a came of Cashflow as well as all the class work?

I enjoyed the easygoing charm of Sunil and the no-nonsense talking from Fiona. I was already committed to aim for financial freedom before I heard of Systematic Property, but I am glad I went on the course. I had a good feeling about it from when I first saw the website and then speaking to Sunil to confirm the details. With a money back guarantee, what is there to lose?

My goal is to have a passive income of $5,000 a month within 5 years.

Best regards and thanks

Neil Charlton

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It Was Really Refreshing to Be Back in a Room Full of Like-minded People with Similar Goals.

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Thanks for another fantastic course. Helen and I had a great time. Having experienced a bit of a roller coaster ride in our business since attending the Systematic Property workshop last August, it was really refreshing to be back in a room full of like-minded people with similar goals and ambitions.

We both found the information and ideas invigorating and I personally felt like I’d experienced a warm shower of positive attitude and creative thinking.

The day reconfirmed a lot of my beliefs, beliefs that the majority of people find bizarre, to say the least, and has helped us refocus on our list of goals and dreams. In fact, we even added to the list as a direct result of some of the ideas we heard during the day.

My favourite part of the day though was probably the point at which you told us over dinner that we had been an inspiration to people at the Christmas bash.

We had become a little alienated from the community and didn’t realise our experiences had filtered back to people. It’s often the case that when you are so close to a challenge, that you can not see the trial you a blazing to overcome it. looking back now, our experiences are an inspiration to ourselves and fuel our desire to plough on and achieve everything we have ever dreamed of.

It’s very rewarding to think that our example might inspire someone else to take the actions that will get them closer to their goals too. Thank you for sharing that insight with us and for putting together such a fantastic day.

Warm regards,

Clive Honess

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The Course Has Removed All the Mystery Behind Real Estate Investment

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As a completed novice in real estate investment and started off with the impression that only special people could do it.

The course has removed all the mystery behind real estate investment and has provided me with not just theory, but the practical steps needed to get started in this market.

Sunil is also excellent at explaining and demonstrating the principles in real-world scenarios.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone

Tony Gilpin

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The Difference is Sunil Jaiswal Promised and Delivered.

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If you are reading these lines, you are wondering if you should attend the Systematic Property Course, STOP THINKING and DO IT, here is why:

I was sceptical, just like you, thinking, Yeah,… just another of these”Give me some and I will make you Rich” typical TV Advertisement always telling you what to do but never How the difference is Sunil Jaiswal promised AND Delivered.

I was looking for “How To”, I now have the answer.

I was looking for a System, I now have it.

I was looking for other people with the same goals, I now can reach them.

I was looking for new challenges and discovered a world of unlimited opportunities.

I am already working on acquiring properties in 3 different countries, why not you?

Jerome Vaultier

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Negotiation Exercise Was Truly Enjoyable!

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It’s indeed great to meet you… Thanks for the techniques, the excel tables prepared by you are an excellent tool and I shall practice. Negotiation exercise was truly enjoyable!


Vijendran Rao

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I Felt like a Different Person when I Woke Up This Morning

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What a weekend indeed, I really was inspired this weekend so glad I came!!!!

Your humorous, relaxed, calm and confident approach was just perfect for helping with the shift in mindset that is required to be FREE.

I felt like a different person when I woke up this morning – my path to financial freedom has started and I know I will be free of my blackberry before the middle of this year!!!

That is a promise to both you and me.

The system you taught highlights how simple it can be provided with the ground-work is completed as you laid out.

I can’t thank you enough!!

Guy Lambert

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Learn to Invest in Real Estate with Cashflow Strategies

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To all the employed & self-employed, Are u tired of working and depending on every pay cheque, changing jobs for a pay raise, Find a way out… Learn to invest in real estate with cashflow strategies

To the people who want to be financially free and retire early, Learn the secrets of investing in real estate.

Before you dream of buying real estate, Know to analyse, evaluate, identify & negotiate the deal

Paul Raj

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A Systematic Approach to Assessing Properties That Ensures Focus on “Wow”

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The workshop was great.

I liked the way you adopted the Rich Dad cash-flow approach and took it further with a systematic approach to assessing properties that ensures focus on “Wow” prospects and avoids wasting time looking at properties that don’t meet the basic criteria

Doug Lambert

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This Marks a New Chapter for Me on the Road to Financial Independence.

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Before Sunil’s workshop I have read many books that left me feeling inspired and highly motivated… but at the same time, I felt very frustrated as I did not know how to turn my motivation into action i.e. how to take that first step into actually doing it. I really feel that Sunil’s workshop and the step-by-step guide that he shared with is the key I was looking for!

The workshop is a fusion of topics ranging from inspirational to very practical. From matters of the mind and personalities, to excel sheet based calculations. Altogether these topics formed a combination that answered both of my questions:

“Can I really do it?”

Thanks, Sunil! I just know that this marks a new chapter for me on the road to financial independence and personal satisfaction!

Adam Cukrowski

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Provided a Great Eye-opener to Look Beyond Just the Known Paradigms in Property Investing.

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Many thanks for all the valuable insights which you offered us over the weekend! Not only did your workshop help me to consolidate several important concepts but also provided a great eye-opener to look beyond just the known paradigms in property investing.

I had already started working on a deal before the weekend and I’ll now be applying many of the tools and techniques which you shared with us.

Aadil Moizuddin

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You Saved Me from Gambling or Thinking like All People Usually Do.

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This workshop has brought a paradigm shift in my thinking towards real estate particularly for someone from the medical profession.

You have also inspired me to learn to deal with people which are more important than all the calculations and numbers.

Oh boy I had zero knowledge about real estate investing and you saved me from gambling or thinking like all people usually do and I don’t know how many dollars would that be as your good in numbers which I’m not and a hell lot of worries and problems which accompany that and now I don’t have to wait for the right time to invest .

You were amazing and you never even once skipped answering anybody’s questions and fears they had thank you for sharing your knowledge which you learnt the hard way which will now allow us to reach our financial goals lot faster than we ever thought was possible.

Dr Michael

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It Was a Great Workshop and I Learnt a Lot to Implement in My Life.

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Well, it was a great workshop and I learnt a lot to implement in my life.

The best thing really is as you told that you taught the lesson of being determined as you wrote (“do it”).

Same goes for you. We learned from you as you are a person who came here and gave mentorship to all of us.this is also challenging job so.

I really learned from you a lot.

thanks once again.


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Had I Attended This Workshop Two Years Ago I Could Save a Lot of Money on the Biggest Property I Ever Bought.

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I should imagine how your workshop was very important to me! I have all the way travelled from Doha to attend your workshop and stayed in Dubai for 2 nights and 3 days.

I am a property investor from the 20 years in India (Mangalore and Bangalore) on various types of properties. The workshop was intensive. the workshop is useful for people who invest for cash flow and equity gains as there are techniques to learn.

I have learned a technique how to conclude the reasonable purchase price of any type property against market value, selling price and bargain price.

Had I attended this workshop two years ago I could save a lot of money on the biggest property I ever bought. Never mind. it’s an experience.

The workshop is good for small time investors, bulk investors, real estate agents and in people who are into reality biz etc.

Mumtaz Hussain

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Sunil’s Course of Evaluating and Purchasing Property is One Not for the Closed Minded.

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Sunil’s course of evaluating and purchasing property is one not for the closed minded.

This course not only helps you look at your finances and assets in a different light but also provides perspective on how to live a positive and progressing life. This course covers it all and delivers more than your typical “do this, and get this” message.

He pulls no punches and gives you a message that not only creates cash flow to your bank account but also helps you create “life flow” for a successful mind state. I would recommend this to anyone who is bold enough to think outside the box.

Thomas A. Ceasar

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You Come Back out with Hunger to Invest with Like-minded People.

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Not sure quite where to begin about explaining the course but if I was to explain in one word it would be EXCITING!!!

Why?? Simply put, I was one to believe that you need X amount of money to invest which is so not true. Of course, it helps but then your sitting in a room with like-minded people who are also willing to invest so you talk and help each other and practically spoons fed ideas from Sunil….it doesn’t get much better than that. Picture it now that you go in not having a clue about property investment(me), you come back out with the hunger to invest with like-minded people so already set a great mind up for your future.

Now, for the downside……going to work the next day when in your mind you shouldn’t be there, you should be out there making more deals. My final conclusion….is the course worth the money??? Honestly, for the knowledge you gain, the mindset that follows, the people you meet and on top of all that great fun I feel the course is undervalued so instead of thinking is it worth putting x amount into the course, because, if ROI% was done in mind rather than money it would be way over the 100%

That’s it from me and hope you guys make the right choice as I know IĀ certainly did

Gary Grant

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The Useful Two Days I Spent in My Whole Life.

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Well organised in a friendly atmosphere, structured to understand theĀ basics of property investment systematically and last not the least theĀ way you handled the course is awesome!

The useful two days I spent in my whole life. Thanks!

N S Murali

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If I Pay Myself $100 Per Hour I Would Never Be Able to Come Up with the Quality Type of Tools Provided.

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The workshop was a mind-boggling exercise in the positive sense. I truly believe that the investment of the workshop fee will pay off by applying very surprising learnings.

A small business case: if I pay myself $100 per hour I would never be able to come up with the quality type of tools provided.

The on the top value of the learnings is hard to tag with a number. For sure I will avoid a couple of costly mistakes as a result of the learnings of this workshop and may be able to multiply my return on net investments in properties by following the proposed method.

Steffen Reisacher

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Investing in This Workshop Will Be on of the Finest Investments You Could Possibly Start with

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Welcome to the big picture.

Wealth, as defined by Robert Kiyosaki, is not how much money you have but it is ā€œthe number of days you can survive without physically working (or anyone in your household physically working) and still maintain your standard of livingā€.

Do you care about financial stability? Do you wish to live your life doing what you love to do and donā€™t have to worry about bills to pay next week, month, a year or even decade? if not then you are a very successful person, just carry on with whatever you are doing. But if your answer is yes, you do worry, then I strongly advise you to read the following books in the following sequence: Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cash Flow Quadrant and Rich Dadā€™s guide to investing.

After reading these books If you feel they make a lot of sense to you then investing in this workshop will be on of the finest investments you could possibly start with no matter where you come from or how much money you currently have or donā€™t have.


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Thank You for Helping to Open My Eyes to the Real Possibilities That Exist

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Since the workshop, we’ve been researching options in our local area and have been amazed at the potential deals that have opened up in front of us.

We’re working on our negotiation strategy and are moving ever closer to our first deal!

The delegate-run Support Groups are a great bonus. We feel that within the London group, we have our own ready-made network of property investors out there, at hand, who are actually doing it and are working with us to achieve our goals.


Julian S

This testimonial is about the

Our Heads Are Swimming with Ideas and Adjusting to a Whole New Way of Looking at the World.

Molly Grenham

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You Saved Me from Gambling or Thinking like All People Usually Do

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Oh boy I had zero knowledge about real estate investing and you saved me from gambling or thinking like all people usually do and I don’t know how many dollars would that be as your good in numbers which I’m not and a hell lot of worries and problems which accompany that and now I don’t have to wait for the right time to invest

Dr Michael

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Over the Last 20 Years I Thought I Understood the Real Estate Market

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After buying several houses over the last 20 years I thought I understood the real estate market – how wrong I was! Very enjoyable and with stacks of information extremely well presented. I have come away fully motivated, somewhat enlightened and excited about the future.

Darryll Murphy

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We Can’t Wait Now to Start Generating Some Passive Income

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We can’t wait now to start generating some passive income – and working towards to our goal of getting out of the rat race!

Hamish Ferrier

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$3,500 Positive Cash Flow. Not Bad for a Simple Deal. I Saw an Opportunity and Took It!

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$3,500 Positive Cash flow. Not bad for a simple deal. I saw an opportunity and took it!

Jason Gibb

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One Deal Covers 80% of My Expenses in Dubai. It Was Easier Than I Thought!


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$5,400 a Month. Financial Freedom Here I Come!


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$2,000 a Month from Deal 1, $130,000 Saved on Deal 2.

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Just a big thank you. We followed the steps outlined in the Masterclass, and over the course of a year we did two deals.

Deal #1 is producingĀ $2,000 positiveĀ cash flow. With an investment of just under $25,000 our yearly ROI is almost 100%.

If that’s not amazing enough, we just completed dealĀ #2, and by using the creative strategiesĀ we were able to reduce our investment from $190,000 to onlyĀ $6,000 that’s money we can use for the next deal!

A big thank you for sharing the knowledge!


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There’s Something Weird That Happens at That Point Where You Don’t Have to Worry About Money…

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There’s something weird that happens at that point when you don’t have to worry about money, you can worry about… it’s sort of like you put a breathe a sigh of relief and then you can either you can focus on the things you want to focus on.

I’m Kat I’ve been in Dubai for six years now, I originally came as a teacher in an American school and then I moved from being a teacher into a new field.

In the beginning I met somebody who had bought a house in Norway and then sold it a couple months later and I could not figure out why and so I’m asking more and more about why why did he buy it and then sell it a couple months later and he said for a profit, what kind of profit… and it was eighty three thousand dollars.

My salary at the time was thirty thousand, thirty-five and so that was just mind blow to know that, that sort of money he just made that in that little space and it was more than twice my salary.

I was like what am I doing with my life, I haven’t gonna be stuck here forever because I had… it was like a slap in the face when I heard this number.

Fast forward I ended up finding through this track this path a book called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and after reading it, I don’t know what made me look for Cash flow in Dubai but I found the Dubai Cashflow Club so I met you… Sunil Jaiswal and I said “Hey I’m Kat I want to watch your videos”, it was super awkward and I was like I’m just running out but I just wanted to say Hi.

Anyway so you sent me the videos so that I could watch them and as soon as I watched the videos I signed up for the property course and that was again another game changer and I thought I can do this.

I made my first investment in real estate in Dubai, then my capital was gone what do I do now while I wait for the returns. When we got to me I had this beautiful plan and then you said you know what I think you should do this over here you should go into property management that thing that you’re doing with your own appropriate apartment why don’t you just do that for other people.

So, at that point I thought that could work and then I was able to earn more income without more capital going out.

Having a mentor, having you there was somebody with experience having gone through business before was having done some of the mistakes and actually having an opinion rather than having me which I have no idea, no experience with marketing and anyway so it was nice to have that… that rock that’s that post in the middle of the ocean they hang on to.

So when you take on Sunil is a mentor some of the things you might be worried about might be about which path to go on I mean the financial freedom came a year and change after the after the mentoring started.

The biggest change in myself over the past year, year and a half, has been really figuring out what I’m gonna focus on and then moving everything else in the life to get aligned with that.

So taking on Sunil as a mentor is really taking on like four different people at the same time.

Somebody who’s experienced in a lots of different aspects of (I don’t want to say business) but passive income earning money because Sunil has done real estate and has done online business.

I’ve gotten financial freedom here because the income is more than my expenses but there’s something weird that happens at that point when you don’t have to worry about money… You can worry about it’s sort of like you put you breathe a sigh of relief and then you can either you can focus on the things you want to focus on.

So the biggest lesson that I learned from mentoring was to make a decision to just do something.

Kat Rich

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His Advice and His Experience Really Helped Me a Lot.

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Hi guys, my name is Denis and I want to share with you my experience of having Sunil as a mentor.

Actually, I know Sunil for quite a lot of time and it wasn’t really a difficult decision for me to ask him to mentor me.

Actually, it was a great experience to work with him, It was a very productive time that we spent together and his advice and his experience really helped me a lot.

I actually felt how important it is to have somebody who takes a look at your situation, on your problem from the side.

Not just a regular person, not just your friend or your colleague who can take a look on your problem for the side but a person with a such of good experience as Sunil is really very valuable so I can definitely recommend you to take mentoring sessions with Sunil and IĀ“m sure that will help you a lot.

Thank you.

Denis Scvortov

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